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Don’t Blame the Meteorologists for Hyping the ‘Snor’easter’ Published by the Connecticut Mirror on 3/23/2018

Don’t blame the meteorologists for hyping the ‘Snor’easter’ _ CT Viewpoints

“Need a 6:30 Anchor? Send in the Clones” Published by Broadcasting and Cable Magazine on 1/22/2018

Need a 6_30 Anchor_ Send in the Clones _ Broadcasting & Cable

“It’s ‘Anchors Away’ at National and Connecticut News Outlets” Published by the Connecticut Mirror on 12/5/2017

It’s ‘anchors away’ at national and Connecticut news outlets _ CT Viewpoints

“Thank a Journalist this Labor Day Week” Published by the Connecticut Mirror on 9/7/2017

Thank a journalist this Labor Day week _ CT Viewpoints

“How to Teach Journalism Fundamentals, and Creativity, With Podcasts” Published by Mediashift.org on 8/22/2017 (Invited to write the article based on a presentation I gave at the BEA 2017 conference)

How to Teach Journalism Fundamentals, and Creativity, With Podcasts

“A Conspiracy for Ratings – at Newtown’s Expense”

A ‘conspiracy’ for higher ratings — at Newtown’s expense _ CT Viewpoints

“Shop Local When it Comes to TV News”

‘Shop local’ when it comes to TV news _ CT Viewpoints

“Please Don’t Name Winter Storms”

Niko, Chris, Orson, Diana, yikes! Please don’t name winter storms! _ CT Viewpoints

“A Media Blob Comes to Connecticut”

A media blob has come to Connecticut _ CT Viewpoints

“Didn’t Hear About the ‘Alt-Right,’ ‘Russian Hacking,’ or ‘Fake News’ Before the Election?  You’re not Alone!”

Didn’t Hear about _Russian Hacking,_ _Alt-Right,_ Or _Fake News_ Before The Election_ You’re Not Alone! _ The Daily Caller

“Megyn Kelly Hardly a Lock to Succeed at NBC”

Megyn Kelly Hardly a Lock to Succeed on NBC _ Broadcasting & Cable

“News Year Resolutions for Connecticut News in 2017”

‘News Year’ resolutions for Connecticut TV in 2017 _ CT Viewpoints

“Escape the Media Echo Chamber”


“It’s Live but is it Really Local?”


“Campaign Fact Checking Has Jumped the Shark”


Traveling Abroad: Five Reasons to Love Traveling Alone”


My Emmy-Winning Newscast from WJLA

Montage from my National Edward R. Murrow-Winning Breaking News Producing

An Editorial I Wrote for the New York Post

<a href=”http://benbogardus.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/Simmons-Editorial.pdf”>Simmons Editorial</a>
<h2>A Typical 5pm Newscast from WJLA</h2> <i> </i>

An 11pm Newscast I Produced at WJLA


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